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The beginning of artificial feeding

At the beginning of 20th century, only about 40 cranes survived in the depths of the wetland. Extinction was only a matter of time. Then, in January, 1950,several cranes came to the cultivated field of Mr. Sadajiro Yamazaki in Kami-Akan. Mr. Yamazaki tried to feed them on his corn for cattle. The cranes ate the corn and began to visit his field in successive years. In 1952 when severe snow storms hit eastern Hokkaido, artificial feeding succeeded also at Hororo Elementary School in Tsurui. Many people have partcipated in feeding thereafter. Kami-Akan, where Mr. Yamazaaki lived and succeeded in feeding the cranes first, is now called "the home of artificial feeding."

The farm fields near the town of akan are known as birthplace of the artificial feeding program for cranes and the area is well-known as a major wintering area for large flocks of cranes. Although the citizens of Akan have been involved in crane conservation for many decades, the Akan International Crane Center (AICC) is a new institution dedicated. Also to public education and crane research.


In the main building at AICC, through the use of audio-visuals and exhibits, the visitor learns about the biology of the Tancho. Captive cranes are maintained in semi-natural wetlands and visitors are able to

observe cranes without disturbing wild cranes, information that is essential in developing sound conservation programs. The information and the results are shared with visitors through special lectures and workshops convened at AICC.

Just north of the AICC is the Tancho Observation Center established in 1977. This annex is open from November through March and about 300 wild cranes can be observed. It is here that a farmer, Mr. Sadajiro Yamazaki, started feeding cranes in 1950.





Entrance fee for Akan  International Crane Center

and Tancho Observation Center


The ticket can be used at both of the center.

          The Tancho Observation Center is only open through Nov.1 to Mar. 31.

 [Main] Akan International Crane Center


     9:00-17:00 Open


   Open 365 Days




 [Anex] Tancho Observation Center


  Open everyday (through November 1 to March 31)


   8:30-16:00 ( through November 1 to January 31 )

   8:30-16:30 ( through Februay 1 to March 31 )

Traffic Information

■ 20min. from Kushiro airport by car

■ 60min. from Kushiro station (Japan railway) by bus

■ 40min. from Lake Akan by car






23-40 Kamiakan, Akan-cho, Kushiro, Hokkaido

                                                 JAPAN 0850245

       TEL    +81-154-66-4011

       FAX    +81-154-66-4022

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